Trailer full of equipment stolen from Chula Vista Boy Scout troop

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- A trailer filled with thousands of dollars of equipment was recently stolen from a local Boy Scouts troop.

Troop 895’s 12-foot, customized trailer disappeared from the parking lot of the Elks Lodge in Chula Vista and now the troop is in somewhat of a bind.

“All of our stuff. Everything’s gone,” Wesley Aring, a troop member, said.

“This trailer held some very important pieces of equipment such as our flags, our tents, our patrol boxes and even a prototype for one of our Eagle Scouts service projects,” Trevor Muraoka, another member, said.

Up to $12,000 dollars of donations and hard work has been stolen from them.

“It’s kind of made it so we can’t do anything right now,” Aring said.

They know eventually all their camping and cooking gear will be replaced, but there are other things that just cannot be.

“The part that’s missing that’s the saddest part is our troop flag,” Troop Leader Ken Velasquez said.

“That is our patrol flag. The flag that someone in our patrol carries in front of us and it has awards draped on it and it’s pretty significant,” Aring said. “It dates probably 20 years back.”

It is easy to see why the boys are bummed, but they say this loss will not keep them from upholding the scout’s honor.

“We still have to learn to live by our scout law and our scout oath and do good for other people,” Velasquez said.

To help the Troop 895 continue their good work, people have been stepping up to help by donating to their GoFundMe page.