Used drug syringe found near school bus stop

An Escondido woman discovered a used drug with heroin in it near a school bus stop on Monday.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Residents in Escondido say they are fed up with finding used needles in their community.

Monday morning, a woman discovered one near a school bus stop. And unfortunately, police say finding used needles is not uncommon.

Abby Lira and her husband were walking their dog Monday, when she spotted something disturbing next to the sidewalk.

“It was right here on the sidewalk on this little wall. It was just sitting there in one of the leaves,” Lira said.

What she found was a used syringe with the needle pointing skyward.

“That is just like it is right there, so you know it wasn’t just tossed. It was placed,” she said. “First I was shocked, because we were like why is this just like sitting here, you know? So immediately, I was like what do we do with it and we ended up just Googling it.”

She and her husband followed directions they found on the Internet. They picked it up with a glove and put the syringe and needle in a puncture proof bottle with a cap.

“We didn’t want to just leave it there, because a lot of people walk through there,” she said. “The cap was orange. You know it’s bright. It’s colorful. A child could have easily grabbed that.”

After it was safely in the bottle, they called the police.

“The police did confirm that it was heroin,” Lira said.

Shortly after, she posted about her discovery on Facebook and was surprised by the response.

“Someone posted a picture, and I don’t know, it had at least five needles in a pile in their place of work,” she said. “It’s shocking to see that that’s happening across town.”

Escondido police say that anyone who spots something like this should not ignore it and walk on.

“If someone is certainly afraid of touching it at all, they can call the police department — the non-emergency line — and we will come out and pick it up ourselves,” said Escondido police Sgt. Aaron Heath.

Lira said she is glad she acted.

“It was an accident waiting to happen,” she said.

Escondido police said that anyone who finds a syringe can bring it to 1044 W. Washington Ave in Escondido, where it will be safely disposed of. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has a list of other disposal facilities around the county.