WATCH: Dolphin trainer surprised by husband’s early return from deployment

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SAN DIEGO – Dolphin trainer Beckie Turner thought she was in for a regular day at SeaWorld Wednesday but instead got the surprise of a lifetime!

She was in the middle of the Dolphin Days show when her husband, LTJG Eric Turner of the U.S. Navy, surprised her in front of an amphitheater full of guests!

LTJG Turner had returned early from  serving a ten-month deployment overseas.

Although Beckie didn’t know her husband was going to be there, she said she had her suspicions that something was going on.

“I started looking for him and couldn’t find him. Then I gave my dolphin away and I found him,” she said.

Beckie had been counting down the days until her husband of ten years returned. She thought he was going to be gone for another couple weeks.

“It’s nice to have him home.”

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