Lost toddler wanders away from home to doughnut shop

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SAN DIEGO -- A barefoot toddler was spotted wandering in front of a Point Loma doughnut shop early Monday morning.

The lost 3-year-old boy wearing only his t-shirt and underwear walked across a busy intersection at 4 a.m. to Chris Tou’s Christy's Donuts on Voltaire Street.

“Little kid came to the door. [I asked] where his parent were,” Tou said. He also asked where he lived, but the boy only said his name – Nathan.

“I gave him a donut and a drink," Tou said. "I kind of hesitated to call the police at that moment because I was afraid the parent might get in trouble."

About 15 minutes later, he called 911. Police ended up walking the boy around hoping he would recognize his house. Three blocks away, neighbors recognized the little boy.

Police said the boy's mother was stunned to learn her son had left their home. She was relieved he was safe. The boy told officers he knew how to open the door.