USC’s blind long-snapper makes perfect snap in game debut

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LOS ANGELES – Blind long-snapper Jake Olson delivered a perfect extra-point snap in his game debut on Saturday.

Olson, who plays for USC, took the field following a Trojans touchdown in the fourth quarter and delivered a flawless snap for the extra point that led USC to a 49-31 victory over Western Michigan, FOX 31 reported.

Western Michigan knew Olson was coming in and did not rush the kick, according to ESPN.

“I loved being out there,” Olson said after the game. “It was an awesome feeling, something that I’ll remember forever, getting to snap at USC as a football player.”

“I think that, more than anything, touches me, just to see so many guys just absolutely embrace and love me on this team,” Olson added. “That’s just something that, when I’m running out there, takes away the nerves.”

“Very special moment for us with a very special guy at the end of the game,” USC head coach Clay Helton added.

Helton and WMU’s head coach had discussed the possibility of Olson coming in the game and made a deal.

“I commend and I thank Coach Lester and the entire Western Michigan family for the honor of getting what I think is a very special person in Jake Olson in,” Helton said.