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Clairemont man sentenced for attacking elderly dad with crowbar

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SAN DIEGO – A North Clairemont resident who choked and punched his 87-year-old father as the older man slept was sentenced Monday to six years in state prison.

Charles Duval, 62, pleaded guilty in June to assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse.

Deputy District Attorney Jim Waters said the defendant carried out the “unprovoked attack” in the home the two men shared the night of March 9.

The prosecutor said Charles Duval choked his father with a crowbar for two minutes before the older man managed to knock the weapon away. After that, the defendant used his fists to punch the victim in the face for three minutes, the prosecutor said.

John Duval thought his son was trying to kill him and attempted to call for help, but the phone in the house was broken, Waters said.

The defendant later called authorities on his own and waited outside for them to arrive at the residence in the 5500 block of Diane Avenue, according to the prosecutor. Contrary to initial reports from police, there was no evidence that the two men argued before the attack, Waters said.

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