3 dogs missing after father found dead in South Bay home

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. – A mourning daughter is searching for her family's three dogs after they disappeared from a home where her father was found dead.

Nadia Gomez said her mother came home from a wedding Sunday and found her 65-year-old father dead and their three dogs missing.

"That’s all I have left of my Dad are those two dogs and that’s why I’m looking for them," said Nadia.

Three dogs are missing in Imperial Beach. (Nadia Gomez)

Gomez's dad, David was a barber in Coronado and Imperial Beach, had been dog-sitting "Louie" at her mother's home in the 1500 block of Coronado Avenue on Saturday. He also had his two dogs "Sandy" and "Puppy" with him. He suffered medical issues and died of natural causes, she said.

The three dogs appeared to have escaped from the house through a screen door, Gomez said. The family has been searching for the dogs since Sunday. They posted about 150 signs, checked animal shelters and are asking people on social media to help find them.

"They’re super cute and they’re super friendly so I’m hoping somebody has them in their home," said Nadia.

Louie is a 6-year-old, tan and grey Yorkie-mix.

Sandy is an 8-year-old tan Chihuahua-mix with a distinctive tan Mohawk between her eyes. Puppy is Sandy's 4-year-old son with black and tan markings.

"I’ve had Louie for 4 years going on 5 years," said Mary Jane, Nadia's mother.

For Mary Jane, it's especially hard, recently she lost her brother and best friend, now David too.

"Please anybody if you have any of our dogs out there please bring them back to us," said Maryjane.  "I need them back or else I’m going to be even more lonelier without him."

None of the dogs have mircochips, although they had collars on with their license numbers, Gomez said.

Anyone with information about the animals should call Nadia Gomez at 619-761-0208 or a local animal shelter.

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