Carlsbad denies liquor license for popular go-cart facility

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Carlsbad City Council on Wednesday denied a liquor license for a popular indoor go-cart facility.

David Danglard, owner of K1 Speed, said he wanted to open a restaurant inside his business that could serve beer and wine. But a group of community members who were worried about drinking and driving expressed their concerns to councilmembers.

“I’m glad it went the way that it went and I just hope it continues to do as well as it’s doing,” one customer said.

The city offered a compromise, saying Danglard could to open a restaurant, but not serve booze.

Danglard was upset with the council's decision and said he may shut down his Carlsbad business.

“We have a new lease coming up and maybe it’s time to move on to a new location because we are now controlled by kindergarten stories,” Danglard said.

K1 Speed has about 35 franchises throughout the country.