Quota reached on Pacific bluefin tuna fishing for year

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SAN DIEGO – Commercial fishing of Pacific bluefin tuna has ended for 2017, California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Tuesday.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a notice to commercial fisheries:

“The Department has determined that the 2017 commercial fishery catch limit for Pacific Bluefin Tuna has been met. The Department requests that all commercial vessels immediately stop targeting and landing Bluefin Tuna. The National Marine Fisheries Service is in the process of publishing regulations to officially close the commercial Bluefin Tuna fishery.”

The Pacific bluefin tuna is one of three bluefin species found worldwide, including the Atlantic bluefin tuna and the Southern bluefin tuna. It spawns in the Western Pacific between central Japan and the northern Philippines and in the Sea of Japan from April through August. While some bluefin spend their entire lives in the Western Pacific, some young fish migrate to the Eastern Pacific, according to NOAA.

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