Number of football players with chickenpox climbs: SDSU newspaper

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego State's student newspaper reported Tuesday that as many as 15 football players may have chickenpox – that's 10 more players than confirmed by school officials.

The Daily Aztec followed up Tuesday stating an unnamed source claimed three-times as many players have chickenpox than what school officials are confirming. The newspaper claimed when they asked athletic department officials about the updated number, they were told it was false and "they had no interest in responding to unnamed sources."

SDSU spokeswoman Gina Jacobs released a statement Monday evening confirming five players had contracted the virus.  She followed up Tuesday afternoon stating the number of student-athletes with chickenpox remained at five.

"The number of confirmed cases of chicken pox still stands at five. There have been no new confirmed cases since yesterday. In partnership with Student Health Services, members of the football team and other student athletes are being screened and if appropriate, have received the chicken pox vaccination. Precautionary measures have been taken to help minimize further spread of the infection. Overnight, SDSU Athletics and university staff disinfected the locker room, weight room and equipment used by student athletes."

SDSU head football coach Rocky Long told FOX 5 that five of this players had it and another three players had cultures sent out for testing.

The team canceled their Monday practice.  The team was back practicing Tuesday.

Jacobs also mentioned the cases were contained to just the football team and not the general student population.