Wedding anniversary gift stolen from Pacific Beach widow

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SAN DIEGO -- A priceless possession was stolen from a woman in Pacific Beach recently and she is begging to get it back.

Just 12 weeks ago, Linda Soule lost her husband, Steve, to pancreatic cancer. It has been a very trying time for her, but things became even more difficult when she stepped out her front door Saturday morning.

“That’s the first thing I saw was the bench was gone,” Soule said. “Steve bought it for our anniversary before he got sick. So it’s not important to anybody but me."

It was a 34th anniversary gift documented in a photo. It is a gift that brought them even closer together.

“That’s one of my favorite pictures of us and we took it the night he put it there. He surprised me," Soule said. “We used to have coffee out here, or just sit out here and watch the world go by."

It is a bench full of memories that she is pleading to get back.

“Please bring it back because it’s important to me and it’s just a bench to anybody else,” Soule said.

Her daughter Victoria Johnson posted on social media asking if anyone has seen it.

"I feel like it’s part of my dad and without him here I feel like if it could just be brought back that a little bit of him would be back home,” Johnson said.

The family told FOX 5 to them the bench has no price.

“It wasn’t expensive. I could go buy a new one, but it’s not our bench,” Soule cried.

Soule said she has filed a report with the San Diego Police Department and is asking anyone who may know where the bench is to give officers a call.