Police reveal details about how handcuffed man escaped

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego police were investigating Monday how an arrested man managed to escape from police headquarters Sunday afternoon.

Jacquin Castro was taken into custody Sunday morning in North Park after police received a call about a domestic violence incident, claiming he broke into a woman's house, robbed and attacked her. When officers were waiting to book him at SDPD headquarters in downtown, Castro escaped, police said.

Investigators said Castro waited for officers to process him for jail, he somehow was able to get his handcuffed hands in front of him.

"When a person is motivated and is sometimes able to slip, we call it 'slipping their cuffs,'" SDPD Lt. Charles Lara said. "We don’t handcuff people in the front, so he was somehow able to get his cuffs from behind the back to the front of his person."

Castro then escaped from police holding area and ran off, police said. Working with a police helicopter, Harbor Patrol and San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, they found him 14 blocks away near the San Diego Bay.

Cell phone video captured the tense moments as police chased after him in the water near the Fish Market. They eventually re-arrested him.

"He got tired of swimming, he saw that there was nowhere to go," Lt. Lara.told FOX 5.

Police said beyond slipping his handcuffs, how Castro got out of the police department is still in question.

"We’re looking into it and if there’s something that needs to be addressed, we’re going to make that fine-tune," Lt. Lara said.

Castro remained was behind bars Monday.

Police said the woman he allegedly attacked suffered serious injuries and was recovering in the hospital.​

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