Lifeguards warn of high number of stingray strikes

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SAN DIEGO - Dozens of people were stung by stingrays on one of San Diego's most popular beaches Sunday and that has lifeguards on high alert.

San Diego lifeguards said about 30 people were stung at Coronado Beach Sunday, which is more than a normal summer day. All of the sting victims were treated and released with no complications.

People aren't exactly sure what is bringing the large number of stingrays to the area, but most beachgoers speculated it was the warm water temperatures. Over the course of the weekend, the ocean temperature near Tower 4 has been 74 degrees.

Beachgoers may consider doing the "stingray shuffle" while in the water.  Monday

Monday at least 17 people were stung by the sting ray bloom.

"I thought I had stepped on glass, and then I looked down and saw my toe bleeding. Then the pain started to spread up through my leg and it felt like it was on fire," said Steve Schlicker a tourist from Michigan.  "I know it wasn't fun, but it won't ruin my day at the beach."

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