Is Castle Park High dumping Tommy Trojan mascot?

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Castle Park High School opened more than 50 years ago and almost from its inception Tommy Trojan has served as its mascot.

In recent days, social media has been abuzz with rumors the school is dumping Tommy Trojan.

The stories began to surface when someone recently reported on Facebook that the Sweetwater School District, which oversees Castle Park High School in Chula Vista, had removed a large Tommy Trojan mural from the school's gym, a prelude to the sacking of the mascot.

The district told FOX 5 that the mural had to be taken down while the gym undergoes an $800,000 renovation project that will add new bleachers, bathrooms, ticket booth and even a new stage to the gym. And that the popular mascot is not going anywhere.

"It's very easy for a misunderstanding to come out, say someone sees they're scrapping off Tommy Trojan, now they're getting rid of Tommy Trojan," said Castle Park High alum Jerry Rodriguez.

The district insists the mascot and its female counterpart, Helen of Troy, are not being replaced.

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