SDPD officer injured during fight in Hillcrest

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SAN DIEGO - A San Diego police officer was injured during a fight with a suspect in Hillcrest, authorities said Sunday.

Officers received a report of a dispute between neighbors at Studio 819 Residential Hotel in Hillcrest at 8:50 a.m. Sunday. The suspect, 59 -year-old Gerald Pazoga, put his lit cigarette in his neighbor's bag, police said.

An officer tried to arrest Pazoga, but he wouldn't cooperate.  Pazoga had a barbell and threatened the officer, investigators said.

“He was carrying a very large stainless steel barbell for bench press and he said something to the officer to the effect, 'You’re going to be sorry.' It was at that moment the officer tazed Mr. Pazoga which led to a very protracted fight in the hallway of the second floor," said San Diego Police Lt. Charles Lara.

During the fight, the officer was injured in the elbow.

Lt. Lara said Pazoga was also armed with a knife and tried to take other officers' weapons.

“He attempted to disarm officers that were there. He managed to get one of the officers batons out of his equipment belt and attempted to pull one of the officers pistols out of his equipment belt," Lara said.

The officer was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital and was recovering with minor injuries.

Pazoga was arrested and could face charges of resisting arrest and assault on an officer.