Skate park troubles brewing in Lakeside

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LAKESIDE, Calif. - One man is on a mission to clean up illegal activities surrounding the skate park at Lindo Lake County Park in Lakeside.

Community activist Billy Ortiz's mission is personal after his grandson was skating at the park when others were smoking pot.

“I don’t let him go there anymore. Those guys don’t set a good role model,” Ortiz said. “I see people smoking marijuana cigarettes and doing hard drugs.”

Skaters told FOX 5 Ortiz has been the aggressor.

“He’s basically trying to be a Good Samaritan, but he’s doing it all the wrong way," said skater Corky Pellegrino. "He’s hiding in his car making it sketchy for people to ride here.”

In a Facebook post, Ortiz confronted a few skaters smoking cigarettes who are putting away a pipe. The post has stirred up the Lakeside Facebook community and park officials say they are monitoring the park.

“We do see a lot of positive recreation at the skate park. There’s a large number of people who use the skate park the way it was intended to be used,” said Aliah Brozowski, a Lindo Lake County Park manager.

Park officials said they would like to see more parents coming to the skate park to watch their young athletes.