3-year-old baseball fan names all players on Padres roster

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SAN DIEGO – We may have found the San Diego Padres biggest fan and he’s only 3 years old!

Sonja Kloppenburg Brummer posted adorable video of her son Kameron rattling off the names of current – and one former – players on the San Diego Padres.

“Kameron’s announcing just a few of the San Diego Padres lineup. I missed recording a few, but he know them all (including Justin Upton who used to play for the Padres a few years ago but now is #8 for the Detroit Tigers!),” the boy’s mother posted on YouTube.

“My kid can’t name any dinosaurs or presidents but he can name all of the Padres players! I thought Padres fans would enjoy this,” Sonja Kloppenburg Brummer joked when she told FOX 5 about her son.

The 3-year-old’s impressive sports knowledge has us asking – How many Padres players  can you name?