New commercial focuses on 1 thing that bonds even superstar athletes – defeat

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SAN DIEGO – In a new Gatorade commercial released Tuesday, superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Matt Ryan talk about the secret to their success – failure.

In the commercial, titled “The Secret to Victory,” some of the best athletes in the world talk about a time when they failed in their sport.

Michael Jordon asks from the bleachers, “Want to know the secret to victory? Fail to make the varsity team.”

Two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning says, “Go 3 and 13 your rookie season.” His brother, Eli, another two-time Super Bowl champion chimes in that he once led the league in interceptions.

The commercial ends with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who suffered a devastating defeat to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, stating, “Make defeat your fuel.”

Ryan is then seen drinking Gatorade and continuing to work in the Falcons practice facility.