US military wounded in Afghanistan

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AFGHANISTAN — Several US military personnel were wounded and evacuated in a violent “incident” Saturday at Camp Shaheen in northern Afghanistan, the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission said.

No US military troops were killed, the mission said in a statement. The number of injured was not reported.

A coalition official told CNN that some US military personnel were wounded and evacuated after what appears to be an insider or “green-on-blue” attack by an Afghan soldier. The coalition source also said no members of the US military were killed.

Four foreign soldiers were injured when the Afghan soldier opened fire on foreign troops in Mazar-i Sharif, an Afghan military spokesman told CNN. The nationality of the injured soldiers was not immediately known.

The NATO-led mission said it has opened an investigation.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense also is investigating, said Abdul Qhahar Aram, head of strategic communication and public affairs for the 209 Shahin Corps.

Earlier this month, a convoy carrying US and Afghan forces was struck by a roadside bomb and came under small arms fire.

The convoy returned fire in self-defense, and there were no US casualties, according to a NATO statement.

That attack came just days after three US soldiers were killed and another wounded during a joint US-Afghan military operation in the same region.

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