Vandals shoot out cars windows with BB gun

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- Vandals used a BB gun to shoot at the windows of seven vehicles Monday night in Escondido, police said.

Investigators say just before midnight, a slow-moving car drove down Rock Spring Road, firing a high-powered air rifle through several driver's side windows.

Witnesses described the vandals' vehicle as a white, boxy car.

“I think these folks weren’t planning on being dangerous but anything that can break glass can break the skin,” said Lt. Justin Murphy with the Escondido Police Department.

Investigators say the vandals caused roughly $2,500 in damages.

“I think what they did was terrible,” said resident Omar Rodriguez. “They were just creating chaos.”

Escondido police are checking into a few leads and are hopeful the vandals will brag about their exploits.