Horse named ‘JLo’ breaks loose, runs free on Fiesta Island overnight

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SAN DIEGO – A horse had a taste of freedom, splashed around Mission Bay and roamed around Fiesta Island overnight Tuesday.

The 6-year-old horse named "JLo" broke loose from its tether at 3 p.m. Tuesday as the owners from Riverside were loading three of their horses on Fiesta Island on East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego Humane Society official told FOX 5.

They told FOX 5 that JLo was tied up with another horse next to their trailer when a water bucket was kicked over and it spooked JLo.

After hours of trying to corral the horse, they called the Humane Society for help.

"JLo" the horse smiles after spending the night running free on Fiesta Island on June 7, 2017.

The animal rescue team arrived around 8:30 p.m., but struggled to capture JLo who appeared to be stressed. The darkness made corralling the horse too difficult, so the animal rescue team left the area and let the horse remain free overnight.

San Diego police assisted by blocking the exit of Fiesta Island so the animal wouldn't leave the island.

Wednesday morning, the Humane Society team joined the owners and installed a temporary corral around JLo. The unruly horse continued to avoid getting in the trailer until the group closed the corral forcing the animal to get in it.

“I was just trying to gain her trust without putting pressure on her and let her see I’m there to be a friend and not try to wrangle her," said Sgt. Laurel Monreal with the Humane Society.

Fiesta Island is a large park located within Mission Bay. It's a popular location for dog owners due to a large off-leash dog park. Also, the annual Over-The-Line tournament takes place on Fiesta Island.