IB mayor says Mexico could be looking to upgrade Tijuana’s sewer system

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. -- Mayor of Imperial Beach Serge Dedina attended a forum in Tijuana Monday that discussed upgrading the city's sewer system to prevent renegade spills into the Tijuana River Valley.

According to Dedina, Mexican lawmakers are feeling the pressure from Tijuana residents who are demanding clean water and a fix to a sewer system that doesn't always work.

"It's affecting the quality of life for folks in Tijuana, where the sewage pipe breakdowns are making people drive through raw sewage in the heart of Tijuana," Dedina said.

Baja lawmakers have pledged $23 million to fix a treatment plant south of Tijuana but more money is being requested to fix sewer lines and collection tanks along the border that often fail during storms.

Dedina says he is more optimistic than ever that an investment in Tijuana will be made to prevent major spills from closing beaches north of the border.

"Right now, things are in theory moving forward," Dedina said.

Dedina also said California state representatives are trying to get money to put in fixes north of the U.S.-Mexico border, such as collection ponds and pumping stations that would keep sewage from flowing all the way out to the ocean.

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