Imperial Beach woman searching for lost pet parrot

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. -- An empty cage now reminds an Imperial Beach woman of the emptiness she feels without her beloved parrot Milo.

Katherine Willmore pictured with her parrot, Milo.

“It’s been a nightmare," Katherine Willmore said. "My life has pretty much revolved around him since I brought him home."

Willmore has had the nearly 3-year-old African Grey since he was just three months old.

“He’s my baby,” Willmore said.

On the evening of May 26, they were enjoying each other’s company when Milo was spooked by a loud noise outside.

“For whatever reason, he just went straight at the screen and bumped it and it just popped. It just popped right out. He tumbled out with it,” Willmore told FOX 5.

She ran to get him, but when he was finally in her reach, he slipped away.

“He out-maneuvered my hand. Kind of used my wrist and he heard a noise and took off right over the fence,” Willmore said.

For days on end now, she has been calling for her bright-red-tailed bird and posting signs around her neighborhood.

“I just can’t really function without him so I’ve been throwing myself into trying to find him. Trying to reach out to anybody I can who will listen,” Willmore said.

She is asking people to listen for Milo's calls. She said he imitates water droplets and electronics, like the sound of a smoke detector or microwave alarm. He even says several phrases.

“He says I’m a good boy Milo," Willmore said.

Those are words from him she needs to hear again to make her feel whole.

“I’m really willing to do anything to get him back. I don’t care if someone kept him on accident, went, 'oh, crap! I don’t know what to do with this bird!’ Please just call me. I don’t care. I won’t be mad. Just give me my bird back, you know? I just want him home,” Willmore said.

She is offering a reward equal to Milo's value, which is around $1,200.

If you see or think you hear Milo, Willmore asks that you give her a call at 360-318-4353.