Severely abused dog’s surgery went well

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Dwayne was rescued from the streets of Mexico after suffering severe abuse.

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. —┬áThe first major reconstructive surgery for a dog horribly disfigured as a result of repeated abuse went well Monday, according to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in northern San Diego County.

The 2-year-old Pointer-mix named Dwayne “The Rock” was found wandering the streets of Tijuana after his owner was jailed on charges unrelated to the abuse.

The rescuer said the owner bound the canine with a crude wire muzzle, kicked him and beat him with sticks. Residents disgusted by his deformities threw stones and scalding water at him, and he was attacked by a pair of pit bulls, the rescuer said.

The canine was left with a deformed muzzle that made his breathing labored, and injuries to his front right leg and elbow, skin and coat.

The center’s Mindy Wright told City News Service that the dog underwent a two-hour surgery designed to make his lips fully cover and protect his teeth and help him to eat and drink more normally.

Because of the projected high cost of veterinary care, the dog was brought to the U.S. and taken to the animal center. He’s living with a foster family and remains good-natured despite his ordeal, according to Helen Woodward Animal Center President and CEO Mike Arms.

Since his plight was publicized two weeks ago, donors have given $35,000 toward veterinary care, easily topping a $20,000 goal set by center officials.

Complete reconstruction processes will take multiple surgeries with ample healing time in between, but a dramatic difference in his appearance and comfort is expected after this first procedure.

Another operation to repair Dwayne’s injuries is scheduled in a few weeks.


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Center officials said Dwayne will eventually be made available for adoption.