Police: New note found at Rancho Bernardo High not a credible threat

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SAN DIEGO – For the second day in a row, a note was found Friday at Rancho Bernardo High School, but police said there was no credible threat.

San Diego police said the note was found in the same bathroom in which a note was found Thursday, but the message was not explicitly threatening because it was not as specific as the previous note. Officers told FOX 5 the note said something was going to happen today as opposed to the earlier threat, which said the school would be shot up and specifically targeted a student. Because of the reduced level of threat, police decided it wasn't necessary to initiate a lockdown.

Sophomore Basma Behia said she is glad the note didn’t result in the series of events that took place Thursday, when three students were arrested.

“It makes me feel scared and angry at the same time,” Basma said.

But not everyone felt that way.

“I think there still should have been a lockdown today with the other one. So, it worries me,” said parent Amie Hernandez.

Hernandez is among the parents who were notified via email by the high school informing them of the threatening note. The email read in part:

“Another note was found in the same restroom as yesterday. We immediately contacted San Diego Police Department officers who determined the threat was not credible and that no lockdown was necessary.”

Police said they didn’t find the person who made the threat. If found, the perpetrator could face some of the same charges, which include making a terrorist threat.

“I think they should be expelled and possibly community service or maybe jail, just depends, but I think there should be consequences for sure,” Hernandez said.

“I think it’s kind of gross because it’s something so serious and people are joking about it,” said freshman Alyssa Fredericks.

Poway Unified School District couldn’t provide FOX 5 with Friday's exact attendance numbers but said there were about 500 calls for absences and early releases, which is about 20 percent more than average.