Crews to replace pipes after complaints of brown, smelly water

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SAN DIEGO -- More than 30 homes in the San Carlos neighborhood were without water Thursday as crews worked frantically to install a new pipe system after residents complained about smelly, brown water coming from their faucets.

The infrastructure upgrade was in the works for the last two months. But three weeks ago, residents complained about their water becoming undrinkable.

“The water was brown. It smelled like tar-asphalt kinda situation,” said resident Tim Cushanick.

City workers tested the water and determined the temporary water system was not up to city standards.

The neighborhood was warned of the shut-off and homeowners were offered vouchers for hotel rooms until the water gets turned back on.

Officials from Councilman Scott Sherman’s office released this statement about the water issues:

"Emergency work crews have been deployed to the area to ensure that residents will have their water restored as quickly and safely as possible. I urge residents to contact my office at 619-236-6677 for updates and any concerns they may have."

Water is expected to be back on by Saturday.