Alicia Gwynn talks music career launch ahead of San Diego concert Friday

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SAN DIEGO – When you think of hits in the Gwynn family, you most likely think of the two Tony’s. But that could all change.

Alicia Gwynn, the wife of MLB great Tony Gwynn, is stepping up to the plate and into the recording studio to make some hits of her own. On a new album titled “I Am,” her first single “Dance” is already out on iTunes.

The grandmother of six records in a studio in her Poway home she shared with Tony for 30 years.

“Some folks ask, ‘why so late?’ I said, better late than never…so you know what, I’m going to live my dream,” Gwynn said.

A dream Tony encouraged her to pursue. That first single “Dance” is a song she sings to him.

“When he’d come home and he’d play his music -- and that was kind of the style -- we’d just kind of just dance in the bathroom together, you know, have fun...he said, 'I can never do this out in public but I can dance right here,'" Gwynn said.

But not all her memories are happy ones. The tough times are still close to the surface, like when Tony’s cancer started beating the all-star and he needed to know just one thing: that she was going to be OK – a question Alicia finally was able to answer.

“'You know what Tony, I’m gonna be OK.' But that was one of the hardest things for me to say because I knew that he would let go and be at peace. And the day I said that it was like he was just at peace. He said, ‘you know, I just want to rest,’” Gwynn said.

Now, she’s fulfilling her promises to Tony to carry on and sing. She said she still hears his voice cheering her on.

“I can hear his voice, ‘come on Alicia, you can do this, you can do this.’ That keeps me going,” Gwynn said.

Her music also keeps her moving. She co-wrote all but one song on the album, all aimed to uplift and inspire.

Her single “Colors,” set to debut Friday, has a message for the times.

“The song that’s coming out's like unification, it’s inclusion,” Gwynn said.

And she means it. All her grandkids are in the music videos, dancing around. And her daughter Anisha, an accomplished singer herself, sings some backup on the record. It is – as it always has been for the Gwynns – a family affair.

“My grandkids are my biggest fans and they know word for word every song. And they love it. They’d come over when I was recording. They’re my greatest fans,” Gwynn said.

But some things have changed. She now lists "musician" first on her social media profile but says wife of Tony Gwynn is one way she will always define herself.

“I will always see myself that way, no other way,” Gwynn said. “I’ve known Tony since he was 10 years old. We kind of grew up together. It was my dream, my knight in shining armor. That dream was fulfilled.”

Now, she’s chasing another one.

FOX 5 is inviting fans to Gwynn’s FREE live concert set for this Friday morning in the East Village. Fans will hear her new song the day it drops to the world.

Her performance will begin at 7 a.m. at The Quartyard at 1102 Market Street. All are welcome to the morning concert, even the family dog! There is a dog park at the concert venue.

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