Affair may have prompted La Jolla murder-suicide, daughter says

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SAN DIEGO – An 80-year-old decorated Vietnam veteran may have killed his 60-year-old wife and taken his own life after discovering that she was having an affair, a family member told FOX 5.

The couple was found dead inside their La Jolla home Tuesday, and police said the evidence points to a murder-suicide.

Investigators found the body of 60-year-old Parvaneh Jilavi on a couch in the home in the 5500 block of Avenida Fiesta. Police found the body of her husband, 80-year-old John Mattiace, in a downstairs storage area. He was shot in the upper torso and a handgun was next to his body.

Wednesday, FOX 5 spoke to one of the victim’s daughters. Nancy Mattiace said her 80-year-old father sent her an email Tuesday. She said the decorated Marine Corps major and Vietnam veteran may have discovered his wife was having an affair.

“So from the email it sounded like he had witnessed her in an extra-marital affair and that it broke his heart and right now that’s all the details I have,” Mattiace said. "We’re trying to make sense of it.”

Investigators remained at the scene Wednesday morning but were not looking for any outstanding suspects.

The daughter said she still doesn't know for sure what happened, but she speculated that her father's history of PTSD from his time in Vietnam and the fact that he may have been dealing with marital issues, may have been the catalyst to Tuesday night's tragic events.

Mattiace said she was worried about Jilavi's sons from a previous marriage.

“I’m concerned for her sons,” she said. "They’re just as heartbroken as we are about their mother, and so our prayers and our hearts go out to that side of the family as well."