Ramona High School listed for sale in funny senior prank

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RAMONA, Calif. – Ramona High School is for sale for the price of $2017 — at least that’s what a post on the online advertising website Craigslist claimed.

The post appeared Wednesday morning in the “general for sale – by owner” section.

According to the post, the property located at 1401 Hanson Lane Road has several classroom buildings on the outdoor campus, a large football stadium, a fresh coat of paint thanks to “resident superhero Bob” and ample parking spaces. It goes on to point out the “pretty run down dirt lot in the back in desperate need of some paving.”

And if that wasn’t enough, the post also stated “underclassmen [were] included in the purchase.”

Apparently, the owner of the post wanted to be in full disclosure of the surrounding farms by mentioning cows and their particular smell in the area.

“On some days you can even smell the scent of cow feces in the morning,” the author of the joked.

Students proceeded to hang a “FOR SALE” sign on the side of the high school.

The post acknowledged the motive behind the sale of the public high school.

“We are selling this beautiful campus because the 2017 seniors are graduating and they were the only thing keeping this school going. Without them, we are nothing.”

Ramona High Principal Tony Newman responded to a request for comment.

“We are aware the advertisement was posted. We are looking into the circumstances surrounding the posting and will take appropriate action as warranted,” Newman stated.

By noon, the Craigslist ad was deleted by the author.

Craigslist ad “Ramona High School for sale” was posted on May 17, 2017.

Google Map for coordinates 33.026292 by -116.868894.

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