Coronado mom pleads for return of journals filled with memories of daughter

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CORONADO, Calif. -- A Coronado mother and well-known journalist is pleading for the return of a journal that was recently stolen along with her purse.

After years of telling award-winning stories, Jane Mitchell is dedicating her time to helping others and raising her four-year-old daughter Lily. Since day one, she has been documenting their memories together in journals.

"Writing like, 'slept hard all night and straight until 7 a.m.,' which is a big thing when you’re, you know, two years old," Mitchell laughed.

Now, five months of pages reflecting on precious moments are gone.

Mitchell was cleaning out her garage and getting ready to donate things when someone reached into her trunk and stole her purse that carried her latest journal.

"It is a personal thing, you feel violated,” Mitchell said.

She says she doesn't care about getting her money or credit cards back. What's more meaningful to her are the lost pages.

“I don’t want to forget this stuff. When you’re a new mom you’re tired and your brain is kind of, you forget things,” she said.

The stolen journal is pink and says "Life with Lily 2017." There is a calendar with it.

She hopes they will be returned so she can pass them along to Lily when she is grown up.

“It would mean so much to get these back because these are a part of our life for five months that you just can’t replicate,” Mitchell said.

Coronado police said Mitchell's credit cards were used in Imperial Beach and San Ysidro.

Anyone who finds Mitchell's journal and calendar is asked to return them to the Coronado Police Department.