Group swims from IB to Tijuana to raise awareness of immigration issues

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. – On the morning of Cinco de Mayo, twelve of the world’s best open water swimmers from five countries will swim from Imperial Beach to the shores of Tijuana to raise awareness of human rights, and more specifically immigration rights.

Led by one of the world’s most accomplished marathon swimmers, San Francisco-based Kiwi Kim Chambers, the event is called the Pan American Colibri Swim.

Given the current rise of protests against the immigration policies of President Donald Trump, it’s difficult to outswim the political currents but Chambers is steadfast to point out this not a protest; it’s a swim based on compassion.

When the swimmers arrive in Mexico, they will meet about 200 children from underserved communities on the beach in hopes of passing along the message that everyone can make a difference.

The greatest challenge may not be getting government approval or the swim itself, which could span anywhere from six to ten miles depending on conditions, but the raw sewage in the oceans.

The group plans to leave sometime early Friday morning.

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