Pelosi to GOP on health care bill: ‘You will glow in the dark on this one’

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WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is fired up over the GOP health care bill.

On Thursday, moments before the House passed a bill that would replace Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Health Care Act, the California Democrat called out Republicans who planned on voting “yes.”

The bill, which now heads to the Senate, would eliminate taxes on the wealthy, insurers and others, and get rid of the individual mandate imposed by Obamacare.

“Do you believe in what is in this bill?” she said. “Some of you have said … well, they’ll fix it in the Senate. But you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark on this one.”

The remark was met with cheers and applause.

“You will glow in the dark,” she repeated. “So don’t walk the plank.”

The final vote was expected to be close, but many Republicans were jubilant over the bill’s prospects earlier Thursday. In a morning meeting in the House basement, the theme song to “Rocky” played as members filed in.

Rep. Daniel Webster described House Speaker Paul Ryan as almost “giddy.” Ryan also addressed the House ahead of the vote.

President Donald Trump tweeted during her speech that he is “watching Democrats trying to defend the ‘you can keep you doctor, you can keep your plan & premiums will go down’ ObamaCare lie.”

Republicans — including Trump and Vice President Mike Pence — have spent the last week meeting with representatives to secure the number of votes that were needed to move the bill to the Senate floor.

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