Plans unveiled for wetlands restoration

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SAN DIEGO -- Environmentalists are considering three proposals that would more than quadruple the size of the marshland that makes up the northeast portion of Mission Bay.

Environmentalists including the San Diego Audubon Society want to increase the size of the marsh and the wildlife area to protect the wildlife and give the public more access to Mother Nature. But doing so might mean doing away with popular spots like Campland on the Bay and others.

The public is being allowed input, but the city and Coastal Commission will have the final say on which proposal is selected.

But some residents aren't sold on logistics and the planning.

"As to the displacement of the soil and moving marshland around, what are the long-term effects could be, they didn't have oceanographic studies as to changing tide patterns and how that could effect wildlife changes in fish," said Kelly Brennan.

Brennan also expressed concern over who will patrol and clean the expanded habitat.

"Who's going to step in, Parks and Rec, is it going to come out of my tax dollars? "

Once a final plan is approved, work to expand the marshland wouldn't start for five years.