60,000 people celebrate Earth Day at Balboa Park

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SAN DIEGO -- Thousands made their way to Balboa Park for the annual Earth Day Fair.

The celebration kicked off at 10 a.m. Sunday and lasted into the evening.

“I think conservation and awareness about respecting our earth and how we can do that from the smallest thing from not using straws to picking up trash when we go to the beach just can make a huge difference,” said Angelina Santinee, an attendee.

With 340 vendors kids had plenty of activities in the kid zone. As for adults looking for other alternatives, information on hydrogen powered cars or how San Diego is a leader in renewable energy was readily available.

“Peoples electric bills are super high compared to other cities or other states in the country so people save a lot of money in San Diego region or in California in general by going California electric,” said Sam Syed, Owner of Green Energy EPC.

With California banning plastic bags and grocery stores now charging 10 cents per bag one alternative is to make one and San Diego county showed attendees how with old t-shirts.

The fair was dog-friendly too offering chew toy alternatives for our four-legged loved ones.
“This is our hemp rope toy that is 100 percent hemp and it is eco-friendly and it is a great alternative for all the toys we have in the store right now,” said Bonna Cruz with Hemptique.

Though Earth Day is once a year celebration, taking care of our planet is a daily way of living.

“When you see a piece of garbage flipping down the street you stomp on it you collect it and if its garbage you put it in the landfill if you can recycle it you recycle it but you don’t just let it keep flipping to the ocean or something else,” said Richard Santinee.