Possible attempted kidnapping has parents on alert

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SAN DIEGO -- Parents are keeping a closer eye on their kids after a 9-year-old boy told police a stranger tried to lure him with cake.

Police say the possible attempted kidnapping happened Saturday at the baseball field at Kit Carson Park in Escondido.

“Everyone’s definitely had a conversation with their own kids, and for the coaches like myself with the team. They were aware of what happened on Saturday morning and a lot of the kids knew the player that it happened to,” said dad and baseball coach Shawn Spiker.

Police say when the boy refused the stranger's offer and ran away. The man didn’t follow or attempt to force him in the vehicle, which is why they aren’t calling this an attempted kidnapping. However, police have enough reason to investigate.

“We were here when there were four or five Escondido police cars, so it was nice to see the response. And it was nice to see them spend a lot of time with the kid, and get enough information as possible,” said Spiker.

Police say the person of interest is described as a tan adult male, possibly in his 60s, with gray hair, a mustache and white t-shirt. His vehicle is described as a white Toyota Tacoma with an extra small cab.

The league also sent out an email asking families to keep their kids close and report any suspicious activity.

Escondido police say they’ve already received a phone call about a person who matches the description that they are following up on. They department is holding a Kid’s Safety Academy Saturday and to register contact the Escondido Recreation Department.

The department is holding a Kid’s Safety Academy on Saturday. To register contact the Escondido Recreation Department.