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Syrian refugee reunites with war-torn family after 6 years

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SAN DIEGO -- After struggling to get to his family for six years, Somalian-born Syrian refugee Abdirahman Adam was reunited with them Thursday night in San Diego.

The family, split by the Syrian civil war, had been on the run from violence for decades: first from Somalia, to Syria then trough Saudi Arabia. Adam was the last family member to arrive at their new home.

Adam might have not made it to the United States had it not been for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling to continue blocking enforcement of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

During this small window of time, the husband and father of three daughters thread the legal needle with the help of Catholic Charities.

"The first thing I have to do is I have to meet my family," Adam said at Lindbergh Field. "I miss them. I’m home with my children. I'm so happy."

Two of Abdirahman's daughters are graduate students at UC San Diego, where they are studying nanotechnology and chemical engineering. They were at Lindbergh Field Thursday night to greet their father.

"I can't believe that he's here, but we have to take him home because everybody's calling me right now," said daughter Najah.

"I feel relieved right now. It's that feeling that I cannot shake off yet. It's going to take a while," daughter Mariam said.

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