Job offers could help fight growing homeless population, advocates say

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SAN DIEGO – Concerned neighbors and outreach officers filled an Oceanside Library conference room Monday looking for solutions to the growing homeless population in San Diego County.

Local advocates say the homeless population has doubled since 2015.

"We run around 400 homeless in Oceanside and over 2,000 in coastal North County," said Diane Nygaard, with the Oceanside Charitable Foundation.

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Advocates believe employers willing to lend a helping hand could get more homeless people off the streets.

"We can consider hiring individuals who are homeless that are skilled, qualified and looking for work,” Interfaith Community Services spokesperson Greg Anglea said. “We can pair individuals to help people who are homeless navigate a pathway out of homelessness.”

Anglea also believes access to mental health care and rehabilitation services is critical to fight the growing homeless problem.