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SDSU students rally against Trump’s travel ban

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SAN DIEGO – As three federal judges heard arguments and determine the immediate fate of the nationwide temporary restraining order against President Trump’s travel ban, members of the San Diego State University Muslim Students Association along with a number of supporters rallied on campus Tuesday against Islamophobia.

“We’re rallying to show our solidarity with the Muslim community,” said SDSU Muslim Student Association President and CAIR spokesman Fayaz Nawabi.  “To speak out against the recent executive order that is against the refugee and immigrant population that’s coming,”

SDSU Muslim students prayed at noon near Hepner Hall to kick off the rally. Following prayers, students waved signs, chanted and marched to the SDSU student union.

Last week, Trump issued an executive order that indefinitely stopped the Syrian refugee program and temporarily halted immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Over the weekend, a federal judge suspended implementation of the ban nationwide. The suspension was upheld by another judge in San Francisco following a challenge to the suspension from the White House. The White House is continuing its effort to have the ban reinstated.

Student supporters like Tami Tiburtino said the executive order is downright un-American. She held a sign and marched. She says she’s concerned as to what is happening in our country.

“They’re called Muslim Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans for a reason. They are Americans,” Tiburtino said.

Milad Sadeghi has a student visa from Iran and is fearful despite having legal status.

“I have no idea how long because I know if I go back home, I won’t be able to come back, so this is the kind of concern I both me and my family right now have,” said Sadeghi.

This concern has been echoed by students nationwide, and it prompted students, faculty and community members at other campuses to show support for international students, Muslims and others who may feel threatened by the Trump presidency.

“I had seen many warm people, many great Americans, many kind people who welcomed me in the country and everything. I saw great part aspects of America as well,” said Sadeghi.

Another student rally is being planned for March 5 at Hepner Hall.

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