Poway Grade closed to remove massive boulder

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POWAY, Calif. – Public works crews closed the Poway Grade Wednesday to remove a giant 10,000-pound boulder that rolled onto the roadway during a storm Sunday night.

Crews used heavy equipment to cut up the 10-foot-high rock into more manageable pieces that could be moved off the road. They also had to clean off mud and many smaller rocks and boulders that had rolled down the hillside onto the road.

“We got a significant amount of rain. The soil is very saturated,” Eric Heidemann with Poway Public Works said. “A lot of soil erosion so some things that looked really good at one point start to come apart when you get this amount of rain.”

City workers were taking advantage of the grade closure to check the entire road for potential safety problems and clear off storm debris. City engineers were studying the condition of the slopes to identify potential problem spots to prevent similar rockslides in the future.