Website allows you to say message at your own funeral

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Do you wish you could hear the voice of someone who passed – just one last time?

A new company has developed a program that could help bring some closure and strength after the passing of a loved one, KFOR reported.

When Lindsay Statom’s mother died from a brain aneurysm two years ago, she was devastated.

“If I had something that I could look at when I miss her and just hear her voice, tell me that she loves me, it would be amazing,” Statom said.

The heartbreaking time formed an idea into Statom’s husband’s mind, KFOR reported. He created Final Farewells, a website allowing people to create a private video to be played after death – even at their own funeral.

“Everybody has the same wish about a passing of a loved one -- to see them one last time,” said Jay Statom, creator of Final Farewells.

Here’s how it works:

  • You record the video yourself
  • Upload the video to Final Farewells' website
  • Select the people you want to receive it
  • Schedule the video to be emailed to the people – there's even an option to send it years from now

“You can say whatever you wish. You can say inspiring messages or relay a funny story… anything you want that person to have and see when you are no longer here,” he said.

The website launched around the new year and has received a big response from people in high-risk jobs, like police officers and firefighters.

“We were just going to keep it between us, but then we started thinking about hospice places – people who definitely know they won’t be with us for much longer,” Jay Statom said.

It’s $25 to store an 18-minute video on the Final Farewells site.