Oceanside appoints next treasurer after voters elect dead man

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Two months after residents re-elected the incumbent city treasurer who died in September, Oceanside officials held a meeting Wednesday to appoint the city’s next treasurer.

In a unanimous vote, the council appointed Dr. Rafe Edward Trickey Jr., a semi-retired principal at Greater Pacific Planning and Effectiveness Group, a locally-based global leadership planning firm.

Ten candidates appeared before the council. Each was individually interviewed, including Nadine Scott, an attorney and community activist who lost by six points to deceased incumbent Gary Earnst. Earnst died six weeks before the November election.

"I believe I should have been appointed because not only was my opponent on the ballot illegally, he passed away. So I think I had 27,000 voters as opposed to five council people making the decision for our city and if they had any moral compass they would have done the same thing," Scott told FOX 5.

The city treasurer position is a part-time job and pays $24,000 a year.