47 dogs taken from overwhelmed breeder

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JAMUL, Calif. – Over four dozen dogs were taken from a rural east county home after county officials received a complaint about an excessive number of dogs on the property, officials announced Monday.

San Diego County Animal Control officers found 53 healthy dogs at the unspecified location in east Jamul last week.

County regulations allow residents to have up to six adult dogs on a property in the unincorporated area until zoning or a permit is obtained.

The homeowner relinquished 10 border collie blends to animal control officers on January 4. The dogs ranged in ages of 5 months to 1 year olds, according to county officials.

“This was a case where the owner let the animal situation get away from her,” said County Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson. “She had dogs that weren’t spayed and neutered. Within a short time, they bred and the population ballooned to more than 50 dogs.”

The owner was cooperative and grateful for help, animal control officers said. She explained the problem started when several of her dogs had puppies and she couldn’t find homes for them.

Animal control officers returned to the home Thursday and took in 12 more dogs, two litters of puppies and their mothers. One litter of five Chihuahua-mix puppies was 2 weeks old. The second litter of five Shih Tzu puppies was 4 weeks old.

The dogs were taken to a county care facility in Bonita to be evaluated. Most were then transferred to rescue groups.

The owner also had five goats, two horses and a number of pigs on the property and plans to reduce her livestock. Animal Services put her in touch with a horse and pig rescue group. She decided to keep six dogs, the number allowed for her property.