Rain makes San Diego’s pothole problem worse

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SAN DIEGO -- Avoiding potholes is practically an art form for drivers on San Diego streets. It seems they’re all over the place and city crews are constantly on-the-go trying to patch them up.

What’s made the pothole problem even worse around San Diego is all the rain.

“It just takes a little small space in the roadway that already exists for some water to pool there. Combine that with traffic and you have enough to potentially cause a pothole," said city of San Diego spokeswoman Monica Muñoz.

That means repair crews are having to back track.

“The rain makes it worse. We keep patching the same areas -- they come back right after the rain,” said Mario Escalera, a city worker.

According to the city, a big help has been its Get It Done San Diego app and website unveiled last year. Users can takes pictures of potholes or other problems, give a location and upload it to the site.

“It does streamline the process because the app, if you allow it to find your location, it pinpoints the location which is very helpful," said Muñoz.

You can find a pothole repair schedule here.