Cab driver walks away from armed robbers

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SAN DIEGO — As one passenger attempted to rob a taxi driver at gunpoint after a ride around the Stockton area early Wednesday, a second fare managed to steal a tablet and a cell phone out of his cab, police said.

The cabbie picked up the two suspects in the 500 block of 32nd Street around 2:15 a.m. but soon became frustrated with their requests to make several U-turns while claiming to be looking for a friend, according to San Diego police.

The driver stopped near the intersection of 32nd and Market streets, at which point the man seated behind him demanded money. The cab driver refused and got out of the taxi after hearing a clicking sound similar to the opening of a knife, police said in a statement.

The same suspect followed the driver, pulled a black semiautomatic handgun, threatened to kill the victim and again demanded cash. However, the driver refused once more and continued to walk away, police said.

The second suspect apparently took a tablet and phone from inside the taxi while the driver was distracted by the other suspect.

The suspects ran off and were last seen headed south on 32nd Street, police said.