Local real estate firm pays off layaway tab

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CORONADO, Calif. – A Coronado family is counting their blessings after a visit from a Christmas Angel.

The holidays will be happy for the Smyth family; their entire layaway bill for their children’s presents was paid off.

“Who would do that, who does that for me? Me? I was just shocked,” said Deidre Smyth.

It all started when Deidre and her husband made a visit to the ToysRUs in Bay Park.

“ToysRUs had a great sale which they do every year. We went and we put these things on… I don’t want to say what,” said Deidre.

We’ll keep the surprises under wraps till Christmas morning. When Smyths were ready to make the last few payments, they got a phone call from the toy store.

“Oh no oh no…they’re going to put it away so I was panicking, I thought this is bad news,” said Deidre.

So Deidre’s husband called back, while Deidre listened on the speakerphone.

“She goes yes it’s ok sir, you can come pick up your layaway it’s all paid for,” said Deidre. “I went “What?” I didn’t hear that right, there’s no way!”

Her husband thought the same and asked the store representative twice.

“She was like, no sir, it’s been paid for, and everyone’s layaway is paid for,” said Deidre.

“We were contacted Real Estate Worldwide and they wanted to come pay off every layaway we had left off in the building,” said Kendall McIntosh, Store Manager.

McIntosh said President/CEO Kent Clothier showed up at the store Wednesday, surrounded by family and friends and did exactly that.

“It was all across the board different toys from 1 years olds to babies and older kids, just everything.”

Clothier paid of $7500 in layaways, helping some 60 families in San Diego.

“So kind, such an act of kindness, not only my family, but all those families,” said Deidre.

Just call it a visit from the Christmas Angel and from the bottom of this Mom’s heart, thank you.

“Well thank you very very much Real Estate Worldwide. There’s a couple of other items I needed to get and now I know I can get them, because they did that,” cried Deidre. “I am very thankful and you’ve given us a very Merry Christmas.

Real Estate Worldwide told Fox 5, this is the company’s way of giving back.

“They do it every year, but this year is the biggest payoff by far,” said McIntosh.

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