Video: Cop hit by suspected drunk driver while conducting sobriety test

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EL PASO, Texas -- Authorities have released dash cam video showing the moment a police officer was hit by a woman suspected of being drunk while driving.

At 2:30 a.m. Friday morning, El Paso police officer Andy Rodriguez responded to a crash in the 11200 block of Montana and began performing a field sobriety test on one of the drivers.

Less than a minute later, you can see Officer Rodriguez quickly pull the man off to the side of the road. Then you see the headlights approaching.

A police car at the scene was struck by another car. The impact was so strong the car hit the officer, sending him several feet in the air.

Once on the ground, you see another officer and the man who had been pulled over coming to his aid.

Miraculously, Rodriguez suffered only minor injuries.

The driver, 23-year-old Sherry Lorrainne Rodriguez, was the driver of that car. Police said after the incident, she had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol.

She told police she had two or three beers.

An officer reported Rodriguez failed six of eight times when asked to walk a straight line and turn around.

She claimed the accident was not her fault, adding that she was hit and lost control.

An El Paso Police spokesperson commended Officer Rodriquez's actions.

"His own safety was the least of his concerns at the moment, he was concerned for the welfare of the person he was dealing with," said Sgt. Enrique Carrillo.

"It ain't short of a miracle in my eyes that if you look at the collision, it was a hard hit," he added.

Officer Rodriguez was released was released from the hospital.