Olango family calls for immediate police reform

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SAN DIEGO – Father of Alfred Olango and other community members voiced their outrage Monday in the findings of the San Diego State study regarding a culture of racial profiling in the San Diego Police Department.

Richard Olango Abuka, father of a man who was shot and killed by an El Cajon police officer in September, said he doesn’t want to see another person die at the hands of police. He says that can only happen with better police training, accountability and enforcement of police officers.

Members of the National Action Network, along with Women Occupy San Diego, and victims of racial profiling and police brutality want the city to act on SDSU's study.

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The study found SDPD officers are three times more likely to pull over minority drivers and perform a search of their vehicles.

“We are not anti-police, we are anti-bad cops," said National Action Network Rev. Shane Harris. "Bad cops must be taken out of the force like people are taken out on the street.”

“There must be police reform in America and that police reform should start from San Diego,” said Olango Abuka.

Olango Abuka is calling on the Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the SDPD Chief Shelly Zimmerman to take immediate action or more people will die in police involved shootings.

“Let them accept that there is racial profiling in the police force. Then, let them move a step ahead and make sure the police are properly trained," he said. "If the police officer is not skilled that police officer may be killed in the field. So it is a two way traffic here.”

The group would like Assemblywoman Shirley Weber's racial profiling measure AB953 instituted by January 2017.

A police reform march is being planned for January 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day from City College to the San Diego City Hall.