‘Hipster’ nativity scene puts modern twist on birth of Jesus

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SAN DIEGO -- Two brothers from San Diego have put a modern twist on the Christian nativity scene.

Casey and Cory Wright showed their "Hipster Nativity Scene" on FOX 5 Morning News. The two came up with the idea when they started wondering what the traditional biblical nativity scene would look like today, 2000 years after the birth of Christ.

In their 21st century nativity, the three wise men have arrived at the manger on Segways carrying Amazon Prime boxes for the baby Jesus. There is a sheep in an ugly Christmas sweater. A 100% organic cow is eating gluten-free feed outside the manger, while a shepherd is Snapchatting nearby. In the manger, which has a solar energy collector on the roof, Joseph, who sports a man bun, is taking a family selfie with Mary, who is holding a cup of Starbucks, and the baby Jesus.

"The response has definitely  been polarizing," Casey Wright told FOX 5. "There are some who really don't like it – some people who think it's sacrilegious. Some people who really enjoy, who appreciate it, and of course, that's our intention. And what I'd like to really remind anyone who doesn't like it – it was really Cory's idea."

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