Morse athletes shine in the kitchen

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Morse high school offers a special elective class, The Hungry Tiger, to provide students the opportunity to learn culinary and restaurant management skills. Many of the students in the class also represent the tigers athletically and they say they can draw similarities between taking direction from their coach and their teacher.

"They are similar because they expect us to get the job done and work at a fast pace," said Morse senior Jeremiah Poutoa.

Just like on the basketball court or soccer field, it's all about team work when you step inside the hungry tiger kitchen.
"For culinary and soccer you learn to work with a different group of people," said senior soccer player Jasmine Canedo. "Communication skills and to get along with everyone."

Everything from prepping, cooking, taking orders, and delivering the food on campus, the students take responsibility of a full functioning restaurant three days a week.

"I hope they get the basic skills to have a job, to get a job, and keep a job moving forward," said culinary arts teacher Sara Smith. "Whether it's culinary or anything else. The work ethic and the way we work together here are skills they are going to use no mater what."



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