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Beagles rescued from puppy mill to get new homes in 2 weeks

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ENCINITAS, Calif. -- A van load of 42 dogs and puppies -- mixed of purebred beagles and Pomeranians -- that were rescued from a commercial breeder are on pace to arrive in San Diego County on Monday.

According to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, the dogs were taken in by National Mill Dog Rescue from a large breeder in the Midwest and will be put up for adoption next week, available to go home within two weeks.

As of Sunday night the crews and dogs will be spending the evening in Arizona before driving the last leg.

"They went from, some of them, cages where they’ve never been out of the cage," said John Van Zante of the Encinitas-based humane society. "They’ve never felt grass on their paws and now they’re in San Diego."

"The breeders produce as many puppies as they can," Van Zante said. "When the market becomes saturated, they switch to different breeds. Every day they continue to provide care for the previous breed is an unwanted business expense, so they get rid of them one way or another."

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beagles-1-11-16Most of the canines being brought to San Diego are males, ranging in age from 4-months to 10 years old.

"When they get here, they will have complete medical exams and they'll all be spayed or neutered before they can go to their new homes," Van Zante said.

About half the canines will be delivered to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. The others are bound for Four Paws Coonhound Rescue and Friends in El Cajon.

The public can submit adoption applications online. 

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